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Solvent based Cleaning Systems

Ultimate Combination of Flexibility and Efficiency:

The RT-UCL-EVD solvent based ultrasonic cleaning machine from RTUL are well known for their high level of cleanliness and cleaning the parts a form any solid or liquid contamination. Especially designed for use with the Eco-friendly 3M Novec Solvents, The EVD 1 is the ideal combination of affordable cleaning and safe work environment.

Cleaning Chemical

Detergent/cleaning solvent is essential for achieving high cleanliness level. During ultrasonic washing we require a high pH level cleaner. RTUL’s cleaning solvent is a strong cleaning solution which can work effectively on the most difficult contaminations without eroding surface layer of the component to be cleaned.


Process Tank 25 Litres 50 Litres 100 Litres
Tank Size 494 x 227 x 277 mm 545 x 300x 410 mm 715 x 370 x 475 mm
Tank Material  S.S. – 304 S.S. – 304 S.S. – 304
Basket Size  350 x 112 x 90 mm 415 x 225 x 150 mm 600 x 300 x 150 mm
Tank Details:
Collection Tank 44 Litres 73 Litres 140 Litres
Distillation Tank 53 Litres 93 Litres 170 Litres
Clean Tank 65 Litres 150 Liters 265 Litres
Electrical Power:
Heat in Collection Tank 2 Kw 2 Kw 4 Kw
Heat In Distillation tank 4 Kw 4 Kw 8 Kw
Bag Filter Single Line, Bag Type Single Line, Bag Type Single Line, Bag Type
Ultrasonic 40 Khz+80 Khz (600W) 40 Khz+80 Khz (1000W) 40 Khz+80 Khz (1500W)

  • High Level of Cleanliness and process efficiency.
  • Completely operated in Vacuum - ensuring ultra - low solvent consumption and thus reduction of solvent purchases.
  • Complete Closed Loop Operations - Ensuring near zero emissions maintaining a healthy and pollution free environment.
  • Revolutionary Dual frequency technology (40 Khz and 80 Khz) ensuring highest level of precision in cleaning process.
  • Minimized floor space with user friendly access for maintenance.
  • Efficient energy management and Heat Recovery.
  • Lower Electric Consumption.
  • Reduction in regulatory requirements - No hazardous material handling and hazardous waste generation.

  • Single tank, Operated under complete vacuumed conditions.
  • Process steps includes Rotation, Solvent Immersion, Vapour Degreasing and Vacuum drying.
  • SS (stainless steel) process tank with bright anneal finish.
  • Dual Frequency of 40kHz and 80kHz.
  • Continuous distillation for recycling for recycling of solvent to guarantee cleanliness standards.
  • Parts movement programmable according to the costumer’s needs i.e rotation, angular movement , no movement.
  • Dual bag filters for filtration. Filter for emission free change of bag filters.
  • Colourful touch screen HMI for clear process visualization with preset service programs.
  • Standard 25 Litres, 50 Litres and 100 Litres configuration for configurations available with customization possible upon request.

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