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Metal Welding

We Ensure Continuity in Conductivity.  

RTUL offers high power/high precision equipment for wire splicing and ultrasonic metal welding process. Our Rotary ultrasonic metal welding Head is available for continuous assembly operations which have been a revolution in the solar thermal Industry. Ultrasonic metal welding is appropriate for the assembly of similar and dissimilar non-ferrous metals.

The primary advantage of this welding technique is that it provides exceptionally short welding times, no filler metals requirements, very low electrical contact resistance and helium-tight welds. Surfaces that are suitable for this type of welding are limited to small areas and restricted to points, line or circular weld patterns.


  • Non-Ferrous metals
  • Ceramics & metal coated materials
  • Solar Tube & Fin Welding
  • Ultrasonic Rotary Head
  • Alternator Collector
  • Plastic Coated Aluminium Tube
  • Lithium Ion Battery
  • Wire Termination
  • Flexible Wires Into Terminal
  • Typical Torsional Applications

  • Direct joining of materials with dissimilar properties
  • Very short welding times (fractions of seconds)
  • Low heat generation in the welding joint
  • Strength in the joints close to the base materials
  • No additional joining material required
  • Low thermal and electrical transfer resistance
  • Can easily be integrated into automatic production lines with options for welding parameter recording / quality control
  • Cold welding technique with temperatures of approx. 30-40 % below melting temperature
  • Breaking up of oxide skin and flattening of surfaces until atomic bonding forces come into effect
  • Diffusion of different materials with each other within fractions of seconds
  • Optimum strength since no micro structural changes occur in the boundary layer
  • Helium tight metallic joints

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