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Custom Build Systems


The building of special-purpose customized machines is RTUL’s specialty (Especially for the automobile sector). For many years, we have designed and built systems, which cater to the precise demands of the customer.

Customized Solutions For Complex Projects

For large/complex components, systems with multi converter design (with mother/daughter horns) are available as per specific requirements.

Multiconverter units are frequently used in the welding of large-area, asymmetrical, or very precise plastic parts. For example, it is used in automobile and apparatus engineering or with toys. The advantage of the multiconverter system lies in the construction of small, simple sonotrodes which facilitates to optimization of the weld quality along the whole weld contour due to local targeting.




  • Options available to locally influence, optimize and homogenize the welding quality along the entire welding joint line
  • Increased operation reliability (low risk for Sonotrode and converter failure due to cracking)
  • In case of problems simple troubleshooting procedure 

  • Automotive
  • Toys
  • Packaging
  • Surgical/Medical
  • Electronics & many more

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