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Ultrasonic Concrete Tester | Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tester


Ultrasonic Concrete Tester | Ultrasonic Pulse velocity tester (UPV)

Ultrasonic concrete tester or Ultrasonic Pulse velocity tester (UPV) is a fully portable instrument for assessing the strength of concrete either in situ or precast and is used to check the quality of concrete also defects within concrete by passing ultrasonic waves through the concrete.

A pulse of longitudinal vibrations is produced by an electro-acoustical transducer held in contact with one surface of the concrete under test. After traversing a known path length in the concrete, the pulse of vibrations is converted into an electrical signal by a second transducer and electronic timing circuits enable the transit time of the pulse to be measured.

These are designed with field conditions in mind and are very simple to operate. Accuracy and stability is unmatched. Ultrasonic Pulse velocity tester (UPV) machine generates low frequency pulses and measures the time of flight in the material. The time is displayed on screen. The time of flight and the velocity of sound in the material are correlated to estimate the mechanical strength of concrete.

It complies with the British Standard BS -4408 (Part V – 1974), BS-1181 and ASTM C597.

The majority of Ultrasonic concrete tester or ultrasonic pulse velocity tester (UPV) requires transducers with frequency of 50 to 100 kHz. However higher frequencies are preferred for testing small specimens and achieving better timing accuracies. Wide range of transducers are offered with Ultrasonic Concrete Tester or Ultrasonic Pulse velocity tester(UPV).

The high quality of transducers has been exploited to the fullest extent and the accuracy of the measurement is improved over the entire range to 100 nano seconds.

  • Compliant with International Standard BS-4408 (Part V – 1974) and ASTM C-597.
  • Light weight, easy to operate.
  • Range up to 5 meters using suitable probe.
  • Fast, Reliable results.
  • Computer compatible.

  • Non destructive strength measurement of in situ or precast concrete.
  • Crack & Void detection.
  • Determination of Homogeneity of concrete.
  • Elastic property measurement of concrete.
  • Infrastructure Checking.
  • Construction Testing.
  • For Research Purpose.
  • For Students Practical(Civil/Mechanical Engineering Colleges).
  • To Test Wood,Rocks and similar materials using suitable probes.
  • To Check Railway Path.
  • Old Building Strength Check.

  • LCD display.
  • Direct velocity measurement.
  • RS-232 output.
  • Memory for calibration & measurement data.
  • Curve fitting for mechanical parameters Vs Velocity Correlation.

  • Large Graphic LCD display.
  • Bidirectional data transfer with PC.
  • Elastic Mode for elastic constant measurement with special probes.
  • All other features of 4600 M.

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