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Ultrasonic Industrial Processors

Roop Ultrasonix Ltd. has been involved exclusively with Ultrasonic Technology since 1982, for more than three decades, thanks to intensive research & development. Roop Ultrasonix Ltd. is at the fore-front of Ultrasonic technology. It develops and manufactures laboratory as well as a wide product range of ultrasonic processors for industrial use. For small volumes we offer processors ranging from 150ml to 25 litres and for large volumes we offer processors ranging from 25 litres to 100KL.
“INDUSTRIAL PROCESSOR” is ideally suited for online continuous and batch processes. The control panel displays time, temperature and the ultrasonic power. One can preset desired time, temperature and ultrasonic power as required.

  • Pre-selection of the required Amplitude (30 to 100%)
  • Fully Automatic Frequency Servo-Control
  • Microprocessor Controlled Timer 0 to 24 Hours
  • Continuous Display of Time, Temperature & Ultrasonic Power
  • Pre-selection of different Time, Temperature & Ultrasonic Power required is possible
  • Stabilization of Amplitude within +/- 2%
  • High specific Ultrasonic Power, direct interaction between processing medium & Ultrasonic Probe
  • Individual & Application specific versions can be made
  • Can be installed for Online Continuous & Batch Processes
  • Degassing of processing medium is possible

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