Removal of chip, dirt & emulsion from automotive parts

The Task

To design a cleaning system to clean the contaminated aluminum made automotive parts such as starter housing and rocker bearing inlet and exhaust. The complex geometry, blind hole and angular tiny hole of the contaminated parts makes it difficult to achieve high cleaning standards with millipore 0.25mg/component.

The Solution

In this case, the task was successfully done by designing an ultrasonic single chamber multi-operational cleaning system, wherein all processes like cleaning, rinsing and hot air drying are carried out in a single process tank and there is also a provision of rotation for better cleaning as well as drying.

The Advantages

  • High cleanliness level
  • Less floor space
  • Less manpower required- No material handling
  • Throughput: 72 components/basket
  • Production: 4500 components/day

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