Ultrasonic Pouch Sealing Machine

The Task

The pouch of powder is very sensitive to heat & normally gets contaminated while heat sealing, The task was to perform accurate ultrasonic sealing without damaging the material.

The Solution

Heat sealing has been the technology used on many horizontal forms of packaging machines. Although this has become the established process for many applications, it can have its drawbacks, common issues include leakages attributed to product contamination within the seal area.
RTUL’s Ultrasonic sealing provides robust strength & sealing through contamination.
Our Ultrasonic sealing technology is a reliable and economical alternative for typical thermal processes that ensures tight weld seals despite product contamination.
This Sealing technology is well suited for packaging processes with high production rate requirements and applications with challenging processes.
It will be a breakthrough in the cementitious material packing line & can be the game changer in the coming years.

The Advantages

1. Consistent sealing results of outstanding quality

2. Sealing through contamination

3. Cold welding/sealing process

4. Reduced film consumption

5. Sustainable & safe

6. Far fewer production faults

7. Reduced maintenance costs

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