Impact of ultrasonic tube sealing on packaging systems in factories

Automated packaging solutions are an integral part and parcel of large-scale factories. Production units in different verticals require tube sealing so that the products are secure enough to reach their intended destinations. Ultrasonic sealing is the most preferred method to ramp up the packaging professionally. In the food industry, visually appealing covers help consumers pick up the products.

Should you not be investing in a brand-new ultrasonic tube sealing machine to leverage its benefits? It will positively impact the production and overall business.

RTUL group specializes in offering the best tube and cone sealing systems. Serving global clients for many decades, it is our privilege to dedicate our services to packaging in your factory or plant.

An overview of the cold-welding technique

Manufacturers always require the best automation techniques to keep their deadlines with products to reach the markets. The ultrasonic tube sealing machine is ideal for various packaging types like:

  1. Screw caps on cardboard (sealing for milk cartons)
  2. Thermoplastic films (bags, readymade-meals chillers)
  3. Degassing vents for coffee bean packets
  4. Trays, and tubes used to seal yogurts or toothpaste caps
  5. Cartons containing drinks with thermo-coating material

How does the technology work?

RTUL Group makes advanced machinery offering benefits like energy-saving, environmental-friendly, and efficient process. Sealing tubes can be done across different materials. They can be manually operated for automated production lines. The main sealing principle is the power of ultrasonic energy to bind two materials. We make inline and rotary machines. The energy passes through tubes in the sealing station.

It is called a cold-welding technique because no heat is generated in the process. No hot air streams are used; hence they are perfect for certain products like toothpaste, cosmetics, and pharma products. Its major impact is due to its economic suitability and tight welds to secure the inside of the product. The tool remains cool and allows the heat to dissipate. It has speed and is reliable for saving production time for factories.

Precise tube sealing impact

We create an optimal tool to focus on the energy while implementing the design. The experts pay attention to the geometry of the tool or joint design of the material. Some materials have special shapes or sizes which need to be factored into the design. When the ultrasonic tool vibrates a reliable joint is created even in a dusty environment.

When is it most beneficial?

As a reliable and economical piece of equipment, the Ultrasonic tube sealing machine works due to its welding feature. Manufacturers need it where the rate of production is high and there are application challenges to meet.

We make the most convenient machine which has:

  1. Hopper for product storage
  2. Distribution with plunger or piston
  3. Closing tubes
  4. Capping and labeling

The base of the design is targeted to seal tubes which may contain semi-solids like gels, creams, and lotions. Laminate tubes are used for containing ointments and heat sealer or crimper make the contents compact.

What kind of tube sealing machine are you interested in?

We can guide you to make the right choice based on the production requirements. The key to taking advantage of this technology is to understand how compatible it will be for your factory needs. Let’s discuss the requirement in detail.  

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