Ultrasonic Cleaning System Excel’s In Cleaning Valves and Bolts

The Task

To design an ultrasonic cleaning system for cleaning contaminated valve bush, valve spool and spherical bolts. The heavy paste of scale, chips, oil and dirt on the valves and bolts makes it difficult to achieve a high cleanliness level.

The Solution

In this case, the challenge was successfully completed by designing a single chamber multi-operational cleaning system of tank capacity 40 liters, having seven process stages such as spray cleaning, turbulence cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, spray rinsing, turbulence rinsing, ultrasonic rinsing and air blowing and an automatic mechanism for opening and closing of the lid. The cycle time was five minutes so as to clean 55 pieces/cycle.

The Advantages

  • No scrapping or scrubbing
  • High cleanliness level
  • Eliminates manual labor
  • Less energy consumption
  • Economical & compact system

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