Ultrasonic Cleaning Reaches Intricate Parts Of Fasteners

The Task

To design an ultrasonic cleaning system for cleaning contaminated fasteners. As fastener joins or affixes two or more objects together, so over the time oils and residual soils builds-up and uncleaned fasteners might result in reduced efficiency.

The Solution

In this case, the challenge was successfully completed by designing a 6-chamber ultrasonic cleaning system with single arm robotic mechanism for material handling, rotations of baskets for better cleaning of blind holes. Stages include IFW/turbulence cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, fine ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, fine rinsing and hot air drying. The system was able to achieve a millipore of 2mg/cm as well as a particle size of 500*500 microns.

The Advantages

  • Fine cleaning of blind holes
  • Economical and efficient system
  • Cleans thoroughly and quickly
  • Short cycle time

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