Ultrasonic Distance Meter

The Task

We had to design an Ultrasonic Distance Meter in order to measure the distance of an object in air. RTUL distance meter provides a reliable, accurate and faster way to measure distance and calculate area and volume of any space.

The Solution

The distance meter uses the technique of ” Pulse-Echo” technique. An electrical pulse of high voltage is applied to the ultrasonic transducer to generate a burst of sound waves. Whenever, any obstacle is encountered in the ultrasonic path, the pulse is reflected back in the form of an echo. It calculates the time taken between transmitting signal and receiving echo and with input of velocity of sound in air, distance is displayed on the instrument.

The Advantages

  • Distance Measurement mode: Continuous/ Test Mode
  • Data save: Maximum 100 memory/ Data read/ Data erase
  • Area, Volume calculation mode
  • Temperature Compensation
  • TFT Touchscreen Operations
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Battery indication on display

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