Ultrasound Assisted Solvent Free Protein Extraction from Rice Bran

The Task

Rice bran is a by product of rice milling industry usually produced during polishing process. The rice bran is mainly composed of protein, amino acids, fiber, minerals and vitamins. Fractional classification of protein reveals a high concentration of albumins and globulins.  Since the Rice bran protein is hypoallergenic type of protein, it is widely used in baby food formulation to keep up the cognitive development of infants.

The Solution

Roop Ultrasonix Ltd. – Ultrasound assisted protein extraction technology is suitable for other food products like soybean flakes, soybean flour, rapeseed meal, peanut meal, rice bran, legumes, and more.

The Advantages

  • Disintegrates the cell to increase extractability
  • Improves solvent penetration into cell walls by cavitation
  • Disruption of molecular aggregates into smaller particles
  • Significant time reduction
  • The extraction rates can be improved by 3.45 times compared to conventional method
  • Robust process.

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