Ultrasonic Cleaning System for cleaning Medical sharp needles which were contaminated with dried buffing paste.

The Task

We had to design an Ultrasonic Cleaning system for the cleaning of medical sharp needles which were contaminated with the dried buffing paste within a minimal budget.

The Solution

Our ultrasonic multi-chamber cleaning system is well known for its high level of cleanliness and for cleaning the parts of any solid or liquid contamination.
We developed the 4-chambered ultrasonic cleaning system as per the requirement. This machine was equipped with highly efficient tube resonators in stages 1,2 which contributed to high-quality cleaning.
The System was not with any automation.

The Advantages

1. High cleaning quality

2. A system with S.S. Structure and covers

3. Compact system

4. High Efficient Tube Resonator in stages 1, 2

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