Ultrasonic Multichamber Cleaning system for high-quality cleaning

The Task

The task was extremely difficult with cleanliness requirements in terms of millipore and particle size with loading limitation of parts inside the basket.
The different types of rings with different dimensions were a challenge to prevail the accurate cleaning

The Solution

Ultrasonic cleaning is a powerful and efficient method for removing contaminants from various components in the automotive industry. The use of ultrasonic cleaning has become increasingly important in recent years due to the growing demand for high-quality, reliable, and safe vehicles.
We designed this multi-chamber cleaning machine as per the challenging task and designed it to provide high-quality cleaning results while using minimal cleaning agents and water. We designed and developed this machine to operate and maintain accuracy, which helps to reduce the overall cost of cleaning.
We conducted multiple trials to define the ideal cleaning process, We offered 6 chambers ultrasonic cleaning system. Which having high efficient tube resonator. which gives high-quality cleaning.

The Advantages

1. High cleaning quality

2. A system with three-arm robotics

3. High Efficient Tube Resonator in stage 2 with 25 Kz frequency

4. High Efficient Tube Resonator in stage 3 with 25 Kz and 40 Khzfrequency

5. Immersion box provided in stage 4 with 80 kHz frequency

6. A system with a full canopy and bottom tray

7. Side dunking facility

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