200 micron reduces to 10 micron with Ultrasonic

The Task

To design an ultrasonic device for particle size reduction of API slurry. Manufacturer of superfine size slurries requires a device to process micron size or nano size materials.

The Solution

In this case the task was successfully accomplished by providing a 7 liter stainless steel flow cell with Jacket, and easily retrofitted to work inline with the system. With the help of the Ultrasonic flow cell, micron size of the slurry which was 200 micron earlier came down to 10 micron. The particle size reduction with ultrasonic took just 30 mins, whereas without ultrasonic it took 8 hours.

The Advantages

  • Significantly less processing time
  • Excellent particle size reduction
  • Energy efficient equipment
  • Easily retrofitted to inline system

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