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Application Areas

Applications of Metal Welding


Electrical industries

  • To join wired connections and to create connections in small, delicate circuits.

  • Junctions of wire harnesses are often joined using ultrasonic welding.

  • Electric motors, field coils, transformers and capacitors may also be assembled with ultrasonic welding.

  • Torsional and longitudinal welding technology is used.

Automotive industries

Ultrasonic welding tends to be used to assemble large electrical components such as instrument panels, door panels, lamps,air ducts, steering wheels, upholstery and engine components.

Wire Harness

  • The process is used for joining multiple wires with each other as well as for joining wires with grounding terminals or high-current contacts.

  • We guarantee the optimal electrical conductivity in all wire cross section.


Ultrasonic welding is relied on both for contacting the anodes and cathodes as well as for linking the cells to each other.

Other Applications

A wide product range based on ultrasonic technology is used for a wide variety of metal welding applications.