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For Online Continuous And Batch Processes
With our micro-processor controlled ultrasonic “Sono-Processor/ Sonicator”, a wide range of conventional chemical & physical processes can be performed efficiently such as particle size reduction, preparation of emulsions and dispersion, homogenizing of liquids, atomizing, acceleration of various chemical reactions, disruption of cells, crystallization etc.

Roop Telsonic offers high-power ultrasonic sono-processors capable of providing extraordinary processing rates and product quality. Our Sonicators are ideally suited for online continuous & batch processes.

“SONO-PROCESSOR” will display Time, Temperature & Ultrasonic Power. One can preset desired Time, Temperature & Ultrasonic Power required.



  • Pre-selection of the required Amplitude (30 to 100%).
  • Fully Automatic Frequency Servo-Control.
  • Microprocessor Controlled Timer 0 to 24 Hours.
  • Continuous Display of Time, Temperature & Ultrasonic Power.
  • Pre-selection of different Time, Temperature & Ultrasonic Power required is possible.
  • Stabilization of Amplitude within +/- 2%.
  • High specific Ultrasonic Power, direct interaction between processing medium & Ultrasonic Probe.
  • Individual & Application specific versions can be made.
  • Can be installed for Online Continuous & Batch Processes.
  • As per requirement additional SONO-PROCESSORS can be added in series.
  • Degassing of processing medium is possible.


  • Particle size reduction
  • Homogenization
  • Polymerization /De-polymerization
  • Dispersion /Suspension
  • Crystallization
  • Emulsification /Mixing
  • Degassing
  • Atomization
  • Disruption of Cells
  • Agglomeration /De-agglomeration
  • Acceleration of various chemical reactions, etc
  • Viscosity Reduction

What customers Gain


  • Improves the Extract Yield and Extraction Efficiency.
  • Accelerated processes and therefore increase in production capacity.
  • Cost savings due to faster process runs reduced work steps.
  • Improved yield and increase in efficiency.
  • Reduces quantity of solvent required.
  • Suitable for almost all types of Solvents.