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Product Information

Roop Telsonic Ultrasonix Limited. offers online ultrasonic cutting and sealing systems for cut and seal application in one operation for textile fabrics, woven sacks/plastics. Apart from standard model we also offer tailor made horns, sealing wheels, cutting wheels and fixtures as per customer’s application and machine set up.

These products demonstrate superior performance, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness with high durability and used in many applications like woven sacks /plastics, pouches, bags, gowns, food grade plastic films and many more.

The principal advantage of the ultrasonic seal and cut method is that the edge of the textile material, while being cut simultaneously, is sealed by the dissipation of ultrasonic energy, thereby preventing the presence of a frayed edge or the unraveling of threads, no discoloration of fabric and very strong, uniform, smooth, clean and long lasting edges without over thickness with low energy consumption.


Ultrasonic Cutting and Sealing System Mainly Comprises:


  • Electronic Ultrasonic Generator,
  • Converter,
  • Booster,
  • Horn,
  • Sealing or Cutting Wheel.

Automatic Tuning of Horn & Horn life indication


  • Built in electronic amplitude setting– Allowing the user to choose amplitudes through generator between 70% to 100% without changing the Booster.
  • No emission of cutting fumes in the cutting area so reduces the expensive suction system.

Materials like polypropylene(pp), polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE), polyester, nylon, modified acrylics and synthetic blends with up to 40% non-synthetic fiber content are suitable for processing. In addition to this films and coated fabrics can be processed.