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Application Areas


Ultrasonic Extraction

Ultrasonic extraction reduces solvent extraction time for plants, herbal leaves, etc. It also improves the extract yield and considerably reduces undesired extracts. Our ultrasonic extraction equipmets are incorporated in existing extraction vessel without any specific requirement. Ultrasonic extraction is suitable with almost all types of solvents.

Ultrasonic Crystallization

The acceleration of crystallization using ultrasonics has been attracting a lot of interest mainly in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry. In a strong Ultrasonic field, nucleation in organic and inorganic supersaturated solutions can be accelerated and the growth of large crystals suppressed to give finer grained, more uniform crystals. This result is attributed to cavitation, which breaks up and scatters clumps, dendrites and individual crystals to form a large number of nuclei.

Mixing Applications

A critical important application of ultrasonics is the mixing and homogenizing, emulsifying, suspending, and dispersing of various products. Ultrasonics can be used for emulsification as well as degassing applications. It has numerous uses in textiles, soft drink, pharmaceutical cosmetics and other industries for emulsification of mineral and essential oils, antibiotic dispersions, lotions, etc. Not only in the laboratory, however, but also in industrial applications ultrasonic systems are used to emulsify, disperse, homogenize and suspend.

Ultrasonics In Biotechnology

Ultrasonic disintegration of biological cells to extract the cell content has been practiced for over two decades in the study of enzymes, liquids and viruses and for general preparation of anti-genetically active extractions. Ultrasonic induces intense cavitation which ruptures the cell walls and released the cell content into the surrounding liquid. Ultrasonic disintegration is relatively safe for the substances that are extracted with typical extraction times ranging from a few seconds to tens of minutes.

Ultrasonic Particle Size Reduction

High performance ultrasound can also be used to reduce the particle size of minerals, powders, paints, and lacquers. The application of ultrasound for disintegration of paint pigments in the printing and toner industry or for pharmaceutical products is utilized on an industrial scale in many places. Even chocolate particles for liqueurs have been reduced in size with this technology, which demonstrates that the applications of ultrasound extend even to the food-processing industry.

Water Treatment

A recent application is the use of ultrasonics in waste water treatment. Ultrasonics has proven itself as an environment-friendly substitute for chlorinated solvents and disinfection agents. Disinfection can be achieved by dispersing accumulated bacteria or algae and reducing the level of bactericide.

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